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K-Series Special Tension Cover and Chain Guide

Cartel performance parts Special
K-Series Special
Tension Cover and Chain Guide

More Info:

The DRAG CARTEL tensioner Cover Plate
Machined from raw 6061 billet aluminum and comes ready to install with new hardware. It is designed with a simple o-ring seal that is set into a machined groove on the back of the cover. This o-ring seal design makes timing chain tensioner checks and changes much faster and easier because it completely eliminates the need for messy sealer which we all know is a pain to clean off. Worse yet, the OEM stamped steel cover plate often needs to be replaced because it usually bends when it is pried off the chain case.

DRAG CARTEL lower timing chain guide
It provides two functions: (1) Replaces the oem lower chain guide. (2) Prevents timing chain slippage off the crank pulley chain gear when performing a cam swap. If you're a k-series head, you know about the keeping the timing chain held up when performing a cam swap and how much of a pain it is when it does slip!

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